Session 2- TRX time! Wahhoo!!! 1st video of me using TRX included!

On Wednesday, yes, I’m still behind, I had my second training day with Kill Mode Training at Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa.  I was excited when my coach, Tiffani, told me we were using the TRX!

  TRX room at Powerhouse Gym

We went into the TRX room to do my before pictures, blech.  But, I was happy they were much better than my last before pictures and I’m going to work really hard to make sure I never have to do before pictures again!

Here you go (they’re not as bad as I thought they’d be since I’ve recently lost 15 inches- yay me!!):

  I’m actually smiling…cuz I’m 15 inches smaller! (yes, I’m proud!)

  Left side

  Ready to get that muffin top whittled down to nothing and have no more back fat!

  Left side- be gone belly pooch!!

I can’t bring myself to post my before pics from before the Fitness Challenge.  They really want to make me cry but I’m so glad that I don’t look like that anymore.  I’ve gotten a LOT of compliments since the challenge ended but as you can see, I still have work to do.  Tiffani and I are going to work together to help me meet my goal of becoming (and staying) a Real Fit Mom!

Here are more pictures from last Wednesday using the TRX:

  The further you put your feet forward the harder it is.  I started waaaay up here but will be moving lower and lower each time.

I was proud of myself for moving down some when I realized it was too easy for me.  🙂

  I learned that if I talk a lot it takes up workout time (and I talk a LOT).  Ok, so it’s not a plus…but I only had to hold this for 30 seconds instead of a minute because our time was almost up!

Last but not least is my very first video of me working out!  Wahooo!!  You’ll be seeing more of these if Tiffani continues to put up with my constant “Can you take a picture of this???”

LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE! the TRX!!!  It’s hard but it’s actually fun.  The exercise she had me to instead of squats was much better on my dancer’s arthritic knees.  Going back tomorrow so look for more pics then!



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