Catching up

I have a lot of catching up to do! With the kids being home the week of Thanksgiving, getting ready for going to Sarasota to my parent’s house then getting the kids ready to go back to school (and of course shopping on Black Friday) I’ve been swamped! Add to that the mom website my friend Steffany and I started has really taken off and we’re doing our first major giveaway! Over 20 prizes for the month of December!

But, back to fitness. I know I still need to post my after pictures from the end of the Fitness Challenge as well as Erica’s. We decided we’d both worked hard and agreed to just go to a spa together! But the end of the Fitness Challenge was just the beginning for me. I’m now onto Phase 2- toning! I still want to lose a few more inches but am focusing on cardio and toning so they’ll come off easily. I started at a new gym in gorgeous Downtown Tampa called Powerhouse Gym (doing a whole post on it later). It’s owned by Matt and Gina Midyette and they have done an amazing job.

Gina (who is a friend of mine through my five year old’s dance class) set me up with her husband who set me up with Dan Long who is the owner of Kill Mode (sounds scarey, huh?). I met with Dan, took a tour of the gym (awe inspiring), chatted about my goals, injuries, fitness history then he set me up with my lovely new trainer Tiffani (and I hope I spelled her name correctly!).

She warmed me up for about four minutes then put me to work immediately with two sets of forty squats (those about killed me), twenty pushups, and thirty sit ups. Then she stuck me on the rowing machine which I didn’t really get at first. I know, how hard can it be to row? But I’d never been on one before so it took me a few minutes to get the hang of it. During my second set, a girl who was also doing circuit training walked over and asked how long we’d be. Not only was the way she looked a motivator to row faster, I felt bad I was going so slow so I picked up the pace!

Next we moved onto the ‘grass’ where we put my body through exercises that were tough but I was up for the challenge! I had a few issues with my hip which really pissed me off- I hate having a semi-debilitating issue while still in my 30’s but we’re working to strengthen it and stretch it out (stretching in my dance class helps a LOT). At the end, I was actually sweating which says a lot since it takes a great deal to get me to actually drip sweat.

I stretched when I got home and was extremely sore the next morning but it was a great sore feeling! I had a wonderful time and couldn’t wait to go back on Wednesday.

20111202-092627.jpg  This was harder than it looked!

20111202-092651.jpg  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to do 20 with no problems!

20111202-092721.jpg  Me and my awesome new coach at the incredible Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa.


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