Working out at Walt Disney World

Say what??  Who goes to Walt Disney World and even thinks about working out?  Real Fit Mom does!

This trip was planned for six months only because I didn’t plan it- my college little sister who I hadn’t seen in sixteen years did (I never plan anything more than a week in advance and even that’s rare).  She wanted to bring her little boy and we decided to crash her vacay!   Anonymous shout out to the two amazing men in my life who made this trip possible.  Without them I don’t think I ever would have been able to take my kids to the Happiest Place on Earth so THANK YOU!!!

Ok, back to the workout thing.  With all my lifestyle changes in the last three months fitness is on my mind even more than when I started blogging almost three years ago.  I’m always looking for new things to try and new ways to fit exercising in my busy life.  One of the best exercises for your heart and body is walking.  What do you do at WDW?  Loads of walking!  If you have small children (my five year old still considers herself small) you can burn even more calories lugging them around.  I turned those times into mini strength training sessions.

While in line for the Buzz Lightyear ride my five year old wanted to be held then fell asleep during the thirty minute wait (one of the longest wait times of the day- most were 5-15 minutes).  There was one small section where I could sit for a couple minutes at a time but had to lower and rise up slowly- think of a slow, low squat with a forty pound weight bar (probably more like fifty since she was dead weight, ugh).  Instead of scooting when we were able to move I got up then sat back down getting in some pretty serious squats and no one even knew!  While sitting, I rocked her forward and backward getting in a great ab workout as well. When there was no place to sit I kept my mind off the fatigue I was dealing with by doing calf raises- just little inconspicuous ones.  🙂

  Isn’t she sweet?

We rode the Speedway twice because my son had such a fun time.  This was a great place to do an upper body workout! We stood in line for about twenty minutes the first time and about fifteen minutes the second time.  I faced away from the rail, put my hands behind me and did ‘chair dips’ for a bit working my triceps (it was near closing time and people were so exhausted I don’t think they noticed the weird woman working out in line behind them).  I also stood a little to the right of the lane, crossed my left foot over my right ankle then leaned to the bar on my left doing twenty reps before switching sides working both my triceps and biceps.  When we got to the ramp that sloped down I got in a good chest and bicep workout by gripping both sides of the bars, leaning forward then pulling back creating a good resistance with my body weight.  By this time the guy in front of us kept looking at me but I couldn’t tell if he was wondering why I was leaning/pulling/dipping or checking me out (probably thought I was just plain cuckoo).

The Tea Cups are a good upper body workout provided your in a cup with people who don’t mind spinning (my seven year old was kind of wary but did great).  Roller coasters are good for an ab workout and any time you’re on stairs you can do calf raises.  There are tons of places to workout at WDW!

So see?  You can pretty much always find time to workout even when on vacation with your family.  If anyone thought I was odd I really didn’t care.  We had an amazing time, my kids were absolutely thrilled and I got a great workout.  The next morning I felt like I’d done five P90x DVD’s in one day (or hit by a Mack truck) but as I got up and started moving around the pain quickly eased showing that I’m definitely on my way to becoming a Real Fit Mom.  If I’d done all of that a few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to move at all the next day.

How do you squeeze in workouts on your busy days or while on vacation?


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