From the end of a challenge rises a new beginning

End of a challenge...

Today is Day 80 something of the challenge- I’ve stopped keeping track.  I no longer care about the end of the challenge but care more about what happens after it’s over.

Don’t get me wrong.  I needed this.  I needed the text conversation that led up to Erica presenting us with the challenge to get us both up off our butts, setting a goal and reaching it.  Neither of our journeys will ever be over since we’ve both vowed to make lifestyle changes which we’ve both succeeded in doing.  Her goal was to be ‘fit and fabulous (gaining lean muscle)’ and mine was to lose 20 pounds and 12 inches.  We both got off to a great start but when Erica kept on, I slacked off for a bit but picked back up halfway through.  We’ve both battled busy lives, sickness, bad days, she’s dealt with recurring health issues and I’ve dealt with past and present injuries but we both stuck with our new lifestyle changes in eating healthier and exercising more.  We both took different paths but the end is the same result- we’re healthier and more fit than when we started.

This revolution of ‘from the end of a challenge rises a new beginning’ stems from a conversation with a trainer coach (as he prefers to be called) I spoke with this morning from Powerhouse Gym (thank you Gina!!).  I scored some points when I told him I’d thrown my scale away a year ago (yay me!).  I told him I’m tired of entering weight loss contests and don’t want to need a friend to challenge me.  I don’t ever want to weigh over 125 pounds again- Slacker Fattie is not me.  I’m the Skinny Bitch dammit!  I mentioned to Dan that my fitness idol is Jennifer Nicole Lee and he said I can look like that.  Whatahunna huh???  Me?  Of course he hasn’t actually met me yet so we’ll see if he still thinks that this afternoon.  LOL

  <<—-future me!?!!?!!  🙂

His vision, and his team’s vision, is to go past people’s goals.  You have to give everything you have to get to where you want to be.  This is what I struggle with so I’m confident that I am in the right hands and will not only become a real fit mom but will be able to stay there, too.  I can do this and I will do it.  Sure, I’ll have some bumps in the road but, hey, I drive a Durango with a Hemi- I know how to drive right over those bumps and smash right through any walls that get in my way.

...rises a new beginning

Oh, and I signed up to do something I never thought I could do- a 5k!  Ok, it’s a 5k walk, in January, but still….baby steps.  We’ll see how my old fart of a hip does, might need a hip replacement after.  😀


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