Taco Hell Hangover

<Warning: this post has ADD…and was started before the Splurging isn’t always worth it post…and should have been posted yesterday>

I ate Taco Bell yesterday.  It tasted relatively good while I scarfed it down just before picking the little kids up.  It didn’t take long for my body to get uber pissed off at the poisonous toxins I’d shoveled in there.  My innards rebelled and starting singing Toxic.

Normally I would be depressed by how great Britney looks but I’m on my way to getting fit and healthy so someone else can pick up the job of being jealous.  🙂

A few months ago I finally discovered that I was not hungover from alcohol every morning…aaaand now I sound like an alcoholic….which I should be having four kids, three cats, two dogs, a fish and a one-eyed hamster- buuuut I’m not.  I used to enjoy a rather good sized cocktail with my nightly bubble bath while reading a romance novel but that is one of the lifestyle changes I’ve made.  I woke up every morning feeling like crap and assumed it was because of the alcohol.  Even if I skipped a night I still woke up with that miserable feeling.  It wasn’t until I cut out the nightly cocktails that I realized I was still waking up “hungover” every morning.

<que Toxic video again>

I finally figured out my body was rejecting the toxic crap I was feeding myself in between trying to eat healthy.  BLECH!  I even have a headache from it that won’t go away.  I was waiting till the asprin kicked in before I hit the Fitness Room but it still hasn’t gone away and it’s been almost two hours.  I keep thinking of the “meat” and “cheese” I ingested yesterday and how unhealthy it was.  I guess now I get to go exercise with a horrible headache on top of still feeling like crap.  All because I chose to eat unhealthy ONE TIME!  Today, it’s back to veggies, shakes, good protein and loads of water.  Slacker Fattie showed her ugly head yesterday for just a moment but Skinny Bitch is stomping her like a bug today!



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