Sexy-ish by Halloween

Hubby and I went out on Saturday to a Halloween party.  I tried on the four costumes I had and they all fit which made me extremely happy.  But then I had to choose!  I finally decided on the pink pirate costume I wore two years ago- after I’d lost twenty pounds…then gained it all back.  Then I didn’t feel very comfortable in it but this year I walked around with my head held high and my confidence soaring.  I wasn’t quite as sexy as I wanted to be but it was much better than last year when I hid in an Aphrodite costume and felt fat and frumpy.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to zip up my thigh high boots but because of the inches I have lost in my thighs they zipped up without any struggling.  I tried to stick my iPhone in them but they were loose and it kept falling down.  Yay!

All the changes I’ve been making are paying off finally.  I don’t ever want to have to lose twenty pounds again which is why the changes I’m making are lifestyle changes.  My fast food consumption is almost zip, I’m making much healthier food choices, I’m loving the weight loss/muscle building nutritious shake mix I sell (Visalus) and am working out six to seven times a week.  I still have some changes to make but am extremely confident I’ll meet my goal of wearing an ultra HAWT genie costume next year!!

Ok, back to another workout!

Looking for an energy boost?  Check out Erica’s review of the FRS energy drink.


4 thoughts on “Sexy-ish by Halloween

  1. What workouts are you doing? I’m starting Tony Horton’s 10 minute workouts that were on Dr. Oz’s show today! I have had them in my house for months now and haven’t cracked one open yet…but NOW I’m ready!

    • Today I did 30 minutes of Wii Zumba and a 50 minutes Latin DVD called Core Rhythms. I have the P90x but have to be in the mood to do them so I don’t do well following the recommended schedule. Let me know how you lie the 10 minute workouts. I love trying new DVD’s!

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