Yup, this mom’s gotta badonkadonk…and proud of it!

You can’t fix everything so I’ve learned to embrace that which I cannot change.  If I had to choose between a flat ass and mine, I’d choose mine.  It looks great in jeans but not always so much in a bathing suit.  My next goal will be to firm it up since I know I can’t exercise it away no matter how hard I try.  I’m stuck with it so I might as well make it look good!  Once I get it toned, tanned, hot and ready I’ll let y’all have a peek but for now you’ll have to wait.

It’s hereditary- two of my kids got my butt (I’d rather not know which biological parent mine came from).  We’ll see how the girls appreciate it when they get older.  So far the 17 year old is jealous that the 14 year old has it and the five year old just likes to shake hers acting like she’s booty dancin’.

My butt’s been a pet peeve of mine for years…ever since I was in about sixth grade.  A friend of mine made a comment about it then my sister did a few months later as have other girls.  In junior high, a guy called me ‘Bubble Butt.”  In high school another guy said I had a black girl’s butt (he was black and a good friend so I took it as a compliment 🙂 ).   Turns out, the girls who commented were jealous of it and the guys, well they loved it.  Hubby loves it, too, so I guess it’s time I accept it and work it till I get buns of steel (amazing workout by the way).

Now that I’m getting into the fitness groove hopefully I’ll finally be able to get through the Brazil Butt Lift four week schedule and get me a nice toned tushy.  I bet I do!!!!


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