Dear Fitness Challenge, I’ll see ya at the finish line!

I’m fed up with feeling like I’m exercising because I have to.  I’ve been making changes for several weeks but under the stress that I have to make them.  This means that when the challenge is over, I’ll breathe, be grateful it’s over, then go back to my old ways.  I’m as tired of counting down the days as you probably are tired of reading them.  So Fitness Challenge, I shall see you on November 20th.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop blogging though.  I’ve loved to write ever since I learned how and have notebooks full of poems, stories and random thoughts I’ve written down.  I have a lot of flaws and often wonder if I’m good at anything and am grateful to my close friends for reminding me I’m good at writing.  I’m also not going to stop exercising!  You just won’t get the “Day _” blah blah blah I’ve been cramming down your throat for two months.

This revelation hit me yesterday when I was in the middle of the Core Rhythms Full Workout (one of my favorites).  My friend Kristi was texting me asking how things were going and I was a little down.  In between texts I decided to stop exercising for the challenge and start exercising for me.  I want to look sexy on Halloween.  I don’t want to wear my frumpy Aphrodite costume I covered myself with last year.  I want to be fit and healthy by November 18th so when I see my college “little sister” and take the kids to Disney I’ll be ready to take on the parks and not have to shy away from cameras.

I’m taking my life back.  I’m exercising for me.  If I win the challenge- great.  If I lose- well I can’t lose because I’ll still be healthier and more fit than I was when we started.  Erica’s goal was to be “fit and fabulous by November 20th” where mine was to lose 20 pounds and 12 inches.  I’ve met that goal before but it was over a six month period.  I was a lil overzealous with my goal I think!  LOL  I already feel loads better and am very proud of myself.


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