Whoaaaaa!!!!!! Who’s the sexy nekked chick in the mirror???

No, Derek, you do not get a picture!  hahaha  I had just finished a 50 minute Core Rhythms workout and my alarm went off to pick up the kids (iPhone is any ADDers BFF).  My first thought was, “Gross!  I’m dripping in sweat and have to change clothes!”  So I stripped off my wet sports bra and my shorts and walked to the closet to get some halfway decent clothes on.  I have a mirror leaning up against the wall just outside the closet and I caught a glimpse of myself.  I had to do a double take!  Who the heck was that in the mirror?  Me?  No way.

  (not me)

Ok, I admit, dumb thought.  Who else would it be?  But when you’ve been 20 pounds over weight off and on as much as I have, been frustrated as much as I have and struggled as much as I have you’d be surprised, too.  I have a waist again!  I wish I had had more time to appreciate it but I had to run out the door before I was late.  This was the boost I needed and it came at the perfect time.  (By the way, last night Hubby noticed I had hips again!)

About two hours before this amazing discovery (thank you kid #2) I was sitting around moping and being hard on myself.  I do really good in the beginning of projects, challenges, etc but have a very hard time with follow up.  This is why I suck at the home party businesses.  I was gung-ho in the beginning of this challenge but then quickly lost steam.  About once a week I’d get some momentum back but then would lose it quickly.  This has been a struggle for me for a while and was really affecting my performance for the challenge.  A friend of mine who is a therapist asked me what I thought was holding me back.  At the time I told her because I was lazy, plain and simple.  But it’s not that simple.  And I’m not lazy.  I’ve realized that I pile a lot on myself- not to mention the four kids, three cats, two dogs, fish and one eyed hamster I have to keep alive.

I’ve realized, along with the new lifestyle of eating healthier and exercising more I also need to make other changes as well.  I happened on a fantastic list of helps this morning and am so grateful for tom.basson for posting it just when I really needed it.  Click here for the list that can change your life for the better!  My first change will be conquering #2 “2. Don’t check your email first thing in the morning. (This one in particular has been life-changing for me!)”  When I check my email it gets me stuck on the computer for hours!

Ok, enough sitting around.  It’s time to follow #1 and get some things accomplished!


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