Day 60 (30 days left) I feel skinny, oh so skinny

I woke up this morning, stretched and yelped! My glutes were SORE! I think it was a combination of Jillian Michel’s 30 Day Shred and Wii Zumba. It was a good sore though, meaning all my hard work is paying off.

When I finally got around to getting up I put on my workout pants and-feeling very confident- pulled my sports bra over my head foregoing my usual baggy t-shirt. I strutted around the house like that for about an hour. I wanted to see how great I looked so I paused to check my sexy self in the mirror. Ummmm….hmmmm….not bad but not so sexy either. There is definitely an improvement but I’m not quite there yet.

All the changes I’ve made so far are working but there’s a whole lotta work to be done. I still have 11 more days to get sexy by Halloween! Hubby and I have big plans so I need to stay on task for sure.


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