One, two, back up a few…..oh my aching butt!!!!!


Hubby sings this song to me a lot and I always laugh.  It was pretty much my theme song back in the day because of my lovely “bubble butt.”  Tonight, it’s referring to a muscle pull in my ‘baby got back.’  Two days ago I reviewed the bellydancing DVD and yesterday I reviewed Jillian Michels 30 Day Shred DVD which put some strain on my ghetto booty.  I was okay doing Core Rhythms (the 50 minute one) and the 20 minute Wii Zumba today.  I was also okay through the lyrical part of my dance class but after practicing our chair routine my butt had had enough.  I’m okay but feeling a little sore below my right cheek.  It’s not bad enough that I won’t be able to get up tomorrow and get my freak on!

This eating healthy stuff isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  Giving up soda, whole milk, fast food, etc had pretty much been a piece of cake.  Yes, I’ll cheat every once in a while but that’s normal.  As my biggest supporter, Necessary Indulgences, says frequently, “Everything in moderation.”  I will live by that even after this contest is over just like I have for the last couple of years.  I’m so incredibly proud of myself for all the changes I’ve made so far and for all the ones I know I will continue to make.  I’m eating more protein and veggies and have cut waaaaaaay down on fast food and junk food.  When I see chips in the cabinet, I don’t even want them.  The same goes for the sweet stuff.  I wasn’t sure I could do this and am so grateful to my amazing circle of friends who have cheered me on knowing I could.  They were right!  I know I’ll have Ghetto Mac and Cheese again but I also know I won’t sit and eat the whole thing in one sitting.  I’ll still eat McDonald’s but not nearly as often as I used to.  I don’t even crave a Coke anymore!  My coffee drinking phase fortunately didn’t last long.  I don’t need it.  I’ll get my energy boost from healthy foods and from proper exercises.

So despite my aching butt right now, I’m in the game.  I’m on top of things.  I’m doing this.  I will never be over 125 pounds again (hopefully never above 120 but I have to be realistic).  Yes, I bitch about exercising and eating healthy at times but that’s what makes me a “real fit mom.”   My point with this blog has and always will be to show my readers my accomplishments and more importantly my struggles to become and stay fit and healthy.

I’m backing up a couple of days so my ending point ends on the same day as Erica’s.  It’s going to be tough as the end because I’ll be at Disney with my college little sister and my kids but I like I’ve said before, it’s a lifestyle change.  And I’m on it.


2 thoughts on “One, two, back up a few…..oh my aching butt!!!!!

  1. Funny! I think you’re doing a great job! I’m doing well with my ‘lifestyle change’ (don’t like the ‘d’ word). I ate really well the past two days and I know it’s only two days but I’m proud of myself! I didn’t start my p90x (again) on Monday as planned, but we’ve been on the road and I’m still feeling like I am on a boat after getting off of our cruise 3 days ago (which btw I was much more confident walking around in my bikini on the cruise after using the wrap I got from you & Echo). I even resisted french fries when we stopped at Wendy’s on our road trip back home from Georgia tonight. I got a grilled chicken sandwich and chili instead and didn’t even snack on one fry from everybody else’s bags! 🙂

    – Regina Velie @ The Tampa Bay Saver

    • Regina, that’s awesome! I don’t use the “d” word either, even for eating. I use “meal plan” because it sounds so much better. I’m so glad you liked the wrap so much and love that it helped you feel more confident in your bikini. WTG resisting the fries and choosing a healthy option! You’re on your way to making some fabulous changes! Thank you very much for reading my blog and taking the time to comment.

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