BellyDance Fitness for Beginners (review)

I borrowed this DVD from a friend and after doing the workout am glad I didn’t buy it.  It’s a great DVD if you’re new to fitness or a beginner belly dancer but for an avid fitness/dancer like me, it just wasn’t enough.  My expectations were low for this one.

I could have done without the minute long entrance of twins Neena and Veena but for others, they may enjoy it.  The entire workout is very low impact and relaxing although a few of the moves may be a bit challenging for beginners.  It’s divided into four sections- Introduction and Warm Up, Arms and Ribs, Hips and Floor Exercises and Cool Down.  Each section flows into the next and before you know it you’re finished (it’s approximately 25 minutes long).

Because the moves are different than what my body is used to I’m sure I will be a little sore in spots tomorrow.  I was pleasantly surprised my arms burned in the warm up like they do in the P90x Chest and Back DVD during the arm circles.  There were some good ab and butt sections so you will tone a bit if you do it regularly.   I recommend this DVD to anyone who is looking for a low impact, lower body workout and/or someone who is new to fitness.

My final thought as I pushed the ‘stop’ button was that this would be a good warm up before doing a higher impact workout.  The DVD can be purchased for $14.99 on


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