Day 54….I cheated…..and it was goooooood! (delayed post….now Day 57)

They say once a cheater always a cheater.  I think that’s true in many ways but sometimes people surprise you and change their ways.  Not me.  I cheated.  I’ve cheated before and I know in my heart I will cheat again.  I’m not a bad person, I just have trouble sticking to only liking one thing.  I want a variety.

All summer our McDonald’s was under construction because they tore the building down and were rebuilding it.  We saved a lot of money and ate healthier with it gone.  However, it’s now back and it was just calling to us.  The whole family.  All six of us.  Hubby went first.  I went second but only for the three youngest kids.  Thursday I caved.  My oldest wanted to come home early to order a boutanier for her boyfriend and get her nails done for homecoming.  I had to bring her to practice so I could use her car later so had to drop her off at school.  She needed to eat before practice and we just happened to drive by McD’s.  I was “good” and got a Happy Meal instead of an Angus steak burger.  It could have been a lot worse!

(This post has been sitting on my computer since Thursday…it’s now Sunday).  Friday morning I had dance but since we did lyrical it wasn’t a really good workout.  We had the homecoming game that night with a BBQ where I had a hamburger.  I drank water and did not eat the chips or dessert that came with it.  I did eat 1/2 a dish of cheese fries with a Moutain Dew later on though.  Saturday I did better.  I had a few handfuls of popcorn while shopping in Target.  The homecoming dance was that evening and the kids all ate dinner at my daughter’s boyfriend’s house.  The parents ate later- 1/2 piece of chicken with a small dollop of Alfredo sauce, a few small pieces of bread with my artichoke dip on top and a Pepsi.  I didn’t eat any of the cake I made.

Today the little kids had a birthday party to go to.  I ate the crust from their pizza but didn’t eat a whole slice (I was really glad to see the other parents eating it up so there wouldn’t be any left for me).  I ate some tomatoes, carrots and a mumblechocolatecupcakemumble.  No, there was no exercise in there and I’m not happy about it.

However, even though I’m exhausted I’m getting up to clean my bedroom then getting in at least two workouts before bedtime.  It’s 3:40 PM so I need to get a move on.  I have 36 days left of the challenge and only two weeks left till Halloween.  I can do this!


One thought on “Day 54….I cheated…..and it was goooooood! (delayed post….now Day 57)

  1. Ohhh. Cheese fries. That is one cheat I haven’t had since I started March 16, 2010.

    I used to make them at home and they were probably about 4,000 calories and even higher sodium.

    I eat so many burger patties that I haven’t wanted to use a cheat on a burger place although I do miss McDs fries.

    Cheats are fine as long as we make them a rare occurrence. I’ve had many a cheat over the last 19 months but I am still at the minus 150 mark.

    As I say all the time, you just need to dust yourself off and get back to work after a cheat.

    It is real easy for 1 cheat to spiral out of control into numerous cheats. I know I tell myself all the time “i might as well cheat again because I already gained X amount of weight.”

    It is hard to fight that irrational mentality but we need to learn to do it to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

    Whoops. I’ll get off my soapbox now. 😀

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