Day 54…Mountain Top is a Mini-Muffin Top (pic update!)

I’m shrinking!  I’m shrinking!  Aside from my attractive pose (I’m not sure why that seemed like a good idea) and the fact that my tag is sticking out in both pictures (my oldest daughter pointed that out) I’m damn proud of myself.  Skinny Bitch is kicking Slacker Fattie’s butt big time.  The picture on the left is what I looked like three weeks ago and the one on the right was me on Monday.  Since I threw my scale away and my kids scratched my Wii Fit disc again I can’t weight myself but I do know that I’ve lost eight inches in three weeks.  I still have two weeks left till Halloween so I need to do some major work in order for Hubby to pick out something sexy for me to wear.  After looking at Erica’s blog I’m thinking I may need to adjust my countdown.  I think she’s got this set to end on November 20th- I’ve never claimed to be very good at counting, just ask my manager from high school.  She hated me when we did inventory.  I should have known back then I had ADD- I get distracted by shiny things.  Off to dance class!  I’ll write about my cheat day later- yes, I cheated!!


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