I’m too sexii for my frump

Time to get rid of the frump and get your sexy back!

I was stopped, this morning, in the parking lot at Publix by a mother of two boys.  She looked me up and down then said, “I looked like that before I had my boys.”  I really didn’t know how to reply so I probably looked stupid just standing there looking at her but I knew that whatever came out of my mouth was going to make a lasting impression- either positive or negative.

(This is me after I got home from the store.  I’m in desperate need of new jeans but I refuse to buy them until after this challenge is over!)

I smiled and said, “Thank you.  It takes a lot of work and dedication.  I’m actually a mom of *five and am determined to be fit and healthy for myself and my kids.”   The mom looked me up and down again and said, “Wow, I admire your stance and ability to not let yourself go like I’ve started to.”  This was the moment where I realized it would have been nice to have business cards because I know there’s no way she’ll remember to find my blog by the time she shops, unloads then puts away all of her groceries.  Guess I need to make a trip to Vista Print!  Even without the cards I was able to inspire a mom to stop being frumpy and to build a body she can be proud of.  That makes all the hours of blogging, exercising and trying to eat right worth it.  If we’d had the time I would have told her about all my ups and downs but I felt with the few words I spoke to her she understood I was a mom with the same issues as her.

There are millions of women who struggle with their weight and self esteem.  Through Real Fit Mom and my old blog, RMS Snowdrop, I’ve been able to reach out to and help a small handful.  This morning’s compliment was the little motivation I needed after taking the weekend off and sort of falling off the bandwagon which I’ll discuss in Day 51.  So here’s to all the frumpy mamas, let’s get going and show the world we’re too sexii for our frump!

Remember you don’t have to be thin to be sexy, you just need to be healthy and feel good about yourself.  After all, Strong is the new Skinny!

*Since I started RFM I’ve only mentioned having 4 kids.  I had a son with Trisomy 18 in 1996 who passed away shortly after he was born.  I talked about it on RMS Snowdrop but RFM is for my life in the present.  It’s been really hard to not include him in this blog but with my conversation at the store, I did.  🙂  That’s why it says ‘mom of five.’


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