Day 51 I was a good girl! Kinda.

I ate good Saturday but chilled out in bed on the computer most of the day. It was really nice to sit around and do nothing. I had planned to get back up and going on Sunday but that didn’t happen.

My oldest daughter threw a surprise party for her boyfriend and I had time to do a workout or two but I was still stuck in lazy mode. I barely made it to the store to get what I needed for my famous spinach artichoke dip. He didn’t get homemade bread though. I’m actually glad I didn’t take the three hours because the kids devoured it in 15 minutes.

I thought about being good at the party but the Mountain Dew was calling my name. I stuck with water the rest of the night :). I only used a spoonful of Miracle Whip and sour cream plus 2% skim mozzarella (shhhh) so I could eat it. I didn’t cheat too bad.

I didn’t eat any of the pigs in blankets that were in the first batch but I did sneak one from the second batch. His dad ordered pizza. Pizza! I knew I couldn’t resist. It’s PIZZA!!!!! I only had one slice which was REALLY hard! I turned down the cupcakes and avoided the chips, too. The only other cheat was a second slice of pizza after we got home. I blame my daughter since she offered to heat one up for me.

All I’ve had today was two slices of whole wheat bread with artichoke dip and a few bottles of water. I’m glad I decided to stop eating when I’m not hungry. It’s getting down to crunch time!




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