Day 49 I need a break!!!!



I woke up this morning and told Hubby I was glad I had a lot to do today. “Why?'” he asked. “Because my body needs a break.”

I’ve been very proud of myself this week. Since I slacked off the first half of this challenge I have a lot of work to do. I’ve really picked it up this week and have done at least two cardios every day. I’ve also worked on my strength training which I know I need to keep the pounds coming off.

So today is a rest day, well, rest as in no major exercising. This morning i have my son’s baseball game. Then i have to hurry and change clothes so i can run to the store to get my oldest daughter lunch and bring it to her. Following that i get to ride a bus with 70 band kids and help lug equipment around for several hours at band competition. Yay! Tomorrow I’ll be back to the exercise grind somewhere in between cleaning up from this past week and going to a birthday party. I’m sure my TV and DVD player are happy, too. I think they were starting to smoke after yesterday.

I didn’t do my three thirty minute cardios…I did three FORTY-FIVE minute cardios!!!


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