Day 47 I’m dancing my way to healthy

*Update- I changed the title from “I’m dancing my way to skinny” to “I’m dancing my way to healthy”

For people who can follow the P90x type workout DVD schedules- more power to ya!  For people like me who don’t, we dance to a different beat.  Literally.  Well, at least I do

I’ve decided to stop stressing over trying to stick to the schedules I keep making and do things my own way.  I’ve always said ADDers have more fun!  I got up this morning and went on a 30 minute walk after taking the kids to school.  I waited a little bit then did the Wii Zumba ‘easy’ that I did yesterday.  Still not easy.  I know I need to do some strength training, too, so I wandered over to Jennifer Nicole Lee’s youtube and did the following arm workouts:

The last one is my favorite and by far the hardest.  I was proud of myself for doing 10 reps and 3 sets where appropriate.  I did the one with the toe touches on the tire last and was pumped up when I went to pick the kids up.  However, about halfway home my arms suddenly felt like rubber.  I know I’ll feel it even more in the morning but it’ll be a good hurt.

Normally I wouldn’t exercise after 7:30 but things get busy sometimes with four kids so it was a must this evening.  Since I’m dancing my way to skinny I figured I’d finish up the day with 50 minutes of Just Dance 2 on the Wii.  I had a great time and a fun workout.

According to the scale I’ve only lost four pounds in the last 47 days but I did have three people tell me tonight that I looked a little thinner.  I hope so!  It looks like Skinny Bitch may be conquering Slacker Fattie after all.


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