Day 46…….Just call me the Dancing Queen

This morning I started off with an exhilarating 45 minute step class taught by my friend Jaimi Hovan at the YMCA.  I haven’t taken a step class in…..ummmmm, I don’t know if I’ve ever taken a step class.  I used to have a video and have played the Step on Wii Fit Plus but that was nothing compared to Jaimi’s.  It was great!  I did way better than I thought I would only struggling with one section.  I was proud of myself for still being able to walk afterward, too.  Since my goal is three 30 minute cardio’s a day Jaimi encouraged me to do a lunch time workout, then dance class that night and I was covered for the day.


I sorted through my DVD’s then decided to try out my friend, Jeanette’s Wii Zumba.  Oh.  My.  God.  I’m very afraid to try anything other than the “easy” one since that one kicked my ass.  HOLY COW!  I had a fabulous time, too, and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see I became an instant addict.

After Zumba I was texting Erica because I’d forgotten how we’d decided who the winner would be.  She reminded me that it was whoever met or surpassed their goal.  I did find the initial text conversation and will dig it out again later.  After she text that I sat there thinking….”I set a goal?”  Totally didn’t remember doing that.  Thank goodness for Real Fit Mom blog!  I flipped back through my posts until I found the first one for this challenge- 90 Day Challenge.  There it was in black and white (now blue, LOL) “My goal is to get back to 118 pounds which is where I was at the end of the contest.  I also want to tone up a lot to get as close to my JNL goal as I can (don’t laugh, we all need goals no matter how unreasonable they may be).”  WTH was I thinking????  Not to mention the fact that Slacker Fattie has been putting around for half this challenge!

So now Skinny Bitch is left with this huge goal on her shoulders- she’s supposed to lose 16 pounds AND look like this in 44 days.

What kind of drugs was I smoking???  Ummmm, yeah….totally starting to save my pennies for Erica’s day at the spa.

On a positive note here’s my recap for the day:

Cheerios for breakfast, apple and pb for lunch, meatloaf for dinner (leftover), 4 bottles of water, 45 minute step class, 20 minute Zumba and 45 minute dance class.  I kicked butt again today!  Just call me the Dancing Queen!

So grateful for my background in dance.


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