Proof that it’s me! It’s me!

No, I’m not proud that this is me but a friend of mine says I don’t actually look like this.  If she doesn’t believe me now then I’ll have to whip my shirt up in dance on Wednesday.  Hahaha!  I tried to tell her that clothes hide a lot but she’s a doubter.  I’ll have to start with a whatever picture because I really don’t want the actual picture of me showing up on my Facebook page for my 300+ friends and Hubby to see (he sees me every day but won’t look at my fat pics).

<Google commercial break>

Ack!  Whatever you do, do NOT Google “fat moms.”  Ok, I know you just did it but don’t say I didn’t warn you!  We’ll use Jessica Simpson because I don’t want to gross you out before you see my actual pictures…….

Hollywood Spinster

Ok, Jaimi, this is for you!  And no, I’m not proud that I look like this (just thought I’d reiterate that) especially since as of tomorrow our challenge is halfway over.  I have a LOT LOT LOT LOT of work to do.  Erica is kicking my butt!  This is obviously Slacker Fattie……..

Check out those sexy flabby arms!  And, man are those shorts too tight!  Ok, here’s the front side- beware, no make up was used in this picture…..

If you look closely the sign says “Hi Jaimi!”  That muffin top is HAWT!  Goes perfectly with that double chin.  Ok, I’m going to do another workout.  This is depressing.  Although now this makes tomorrows post on being halfway through the challenge my 100th post.  Thanks Jaimi!  🙂

Oh, want to see something not-so-funny?  Here’s my after picture from when I won the Sexy by Summer picture in June 2009.  I gained all my weight back within three months.


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