Day 44 Three, four skip some more……..UPDATE!!!


Hmmmmm, I can tell you that having four kids who are very active is a reason for me not doing much the last several days.  I can tell you that I haven’t had the time to workout because I’m a busy mom, cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc.  I can use trying to get a new website up and running has taken up a lot of time but those are just excuses.  I’m incredibly grateful for my Wednesday and Friday dance classes because I know I’ll get at least two good workouts a week.

I was going to workout after dance on Friday but, well, I’m not sure if I did one or not.  I can’t remember!  I know I had to hurry and make dinner so we could get to my oldest daughter’s football game on time- it was an hour away.  Slacker Fattie moved in this weekend- Saturday was hectic because I had to get up early (stayed up late with Hubby, ugh) and get my son to his baseball game at 8:30 AM.  I napped off and on then had to feed the kids and get ready for my Mom’s Night Out.  Hubby and I went out after that but I was good and stopped after two drinks…..mostly because I had two at the MNO, haha.

I know I burned some calories on Sunday walking around the Monday Night Football tent looking at cars, standing around to test drive cars and getting signatures from football players.  However, the pizza I had with Sue negated any walking around we did.  So, did I fall back into my old pattern of keeping on the bad track?

Hell no!  Skinny Bitch showed back up!  I got up this morning, ate Cheerios instead of Frosted Flakes (and I didn’t add any sugar, woot! woot!) then did the cardio part of P90x CardioX- I hate yoga.  Then I had a snack of apples and peanut butter.  I started to eat left over chips and queso from last night but felt guilty since Hubby had just told me ‘no’ so I put them down and walked away.  I’m having issues with exhaustion and started drinking coffee (with a few, ok four, spoonfulls of sugar and a little, ok, a lot of milk) and it’s helping some.

I’m bound and determined to start getting in three cardio workouts a day so now I’m off to suck down a cup of coffee and do my kettlebell DVD.  I’ve realized I suck at workout schedules and am no longer going to stress over trying to complete them.

Move over Slacker Fattie, Skinny Bitch is bringing you down!!!

Coffee pic from fellow wordpress blogger yearofkindness

Mom pic from Whispers From Wildwood

Skinny Bitch beat Slacker Fattie’s ass today!  This is what she did today:

Cardio portion of P90x CardioX

Go Fit Kettlebell

JNL Hot Ass workout on youtube and

Core Rhythms Quick Workout

Man do I feel great!  Oh, and for food:

Cheerios (whole milk, fail, I know)

Apples with peanut butter

4 chips with queso (felt guilty so I put them down)

Small hamburger with a little ketchup

Handful of chips with salsa (got my hand smacked for that) and

Salmon with steamed veggies (from Outback, only ate half so I can have half for lunch)


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