Day 36 Guys beware, female stuff in there!

I woke up this morning excited to start working out again.  I was all set to start getting in three cardio’s a day like Douglas (former trainer) had me do a couple of years ago.  I wasn’t 100% yet, but my blood sugar was fine and I was just left with a little tummy issue.  And then they hit.  Imagine being on the Titanic when it plowed into the ice burg.  I shuffled to the bed, crawled in carefully, pulled the covers up to my chin and wished to die.  Ok, not really but I did want relief…fast.

I’ve tried to get Hubby to run down to CVS and pick me up an epidural but he always tells me no.  I don’t know why they don’t sell them for those of us who suffer from severe cramps each month, someone could make some major dough!

<hang on….Google images break>

Ummm, hmmmm……..

?Now you can relieve menstrual cramps with TENS, which has no side effects and is very effective. This type of treatment uses a stimulator that sends electrical impulses through electrodes on the body. The impulses block the pain impulses to the brain so you don’t feel them. TENS uses the body’s own analgesic systems, and is believed to eliminate the lack of oxygen in the uterine muscle, which is what causes the pain.”  Click here for more.  Oh, and don’t use this if you have a pacemaker.

Ok, now back to my misery.  Thankfully fuse TV had a marathon of the top 100 videos of the 21st century.  We’re only 11 years into it but I guess they needed to fill up a Sunday some how.  The only thing I don’t mind about having cramps is that I get a day off.  This month, however, I didn’t want a day off.  I just had one yesterday thanks to my blood sugar not being cooperative!  I wanted to exercise today dammit!  But instead I’m in my bed, on the computer, watching Nick Cannon and some people I’ve never heard of count down videos.

<hang on, Eminem is on……>

Ok, back to my misery again.  Oh forget it, you get the point.  And apparently my ADD gets worse when I’m cramping, too.  This post is all over the place.  Tomorrow will be a better day and we’ll be getting back to business so be ready!  Skinny Bitch is going to make Slacker Fattie’s ass and Real Crampy Mom will be Real Fit Mom again.

UPDATE– Sooooo, I totally got busted on Facebook by my friend Jaimi.  I “checked in” at Little Caesar’s earlier.  Yes, I was bad.  I ate 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza and 2 breadsticks.  But I drank a bottle of water with it!  Aside from that and the Firehouse ham and cheese on WHEAT sub I had yesterday all I’ve had to eat in the last two days was 1/3 of a bowl of coughramencoughnoodlescough.  I know, there went whatever poundage I may have lost in the last two days.  Bad me!  Bad!  Bad!  Bad me!!!!  But it was yummy!


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