Days 29 & 30

Yesterday (a real yesterday) I did Cardio Axe and the first section of High and Tight.  I had every intention of finishing the rest later in the day…but I didn’t.  Shocking, I know.

Recently Hubby pointed out how I like to avoid doing the things that I’m supposed to be doing and find everything else under the sun to do.  I suppose this is a large flaw.  🙂  Instead of finishing the DVD I trotted off to visit steffany813 so I could do a wrap for her.  Then we worked on the new site we decided to start because we have nothing better to do (not).  I’ve realized in the last few days that I need to figure out how to squeeze in everything I need to do along with everything I want to do.  I don’t suppose someone could make the days a few hours longer could they?  No?  Well it was worth a shot.

Since Friday (today is Tuesday- just in case you didn’t know) I’ve worked hard to jiggle things around and make them fit.  So far it’s working surprisingly well.  I know I’ll have some set backs but my goal is to have a lot of really good days.  In order to make one of them today I better run and get in my Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck Brazil Butt Lift workouts in!


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