Day 28…..pretend you’re reading yesterday….again

I’m only one day behind thanks to the fabulous “relax” day on the Brazil Butt Lift schedule- which means I don’t get to relax.  Most of today (ok, yesterday) was uneventful, made breakfast, cleaned, made lunch, cleaned, in-laws came and went, cleaned.

The highlight of my day (not) was taking my oldest daughter Homecoming dress shopping with her boyfriend.  Yay!  She already knew which dress she wanted but because her boyfriend and I are mean, we made her try on about 20 other ones just cuz.  She got the one she wanted (an hour later) and then decided she needed shoes.  Double yay!  Off to Traffic we went!  Another hour later she got the shoes she originally wanted but again, her boyfriend and I made her try/look at several others.  Hubby got tired of holding dinner so I told him to go ahead and we’d eat when we got home.  He made some German noodle/meat/potato dumpling thing that, if I liked German food, would have been super yummy.  I ate it but I’m an All American girl- God help me if I ever make it to Europe!

After all that uneventful stuff, I decided I needed to get back on track NOW since I was only two days behind.  Move over Slacker Fattie!  Skinny Bitch is determined to stick to the damn schedule this time!  I did my daily Cardio Axe then the Bum Bum but <gasp> when I went to get the P90x Plyometrics DVD……..<enter dramatic pausing music here> it was missing!  <Dum dum dummmmmmm>  And I so LOVE doing the Plyo, too.  I was devastated.  Heartbroken.  In tears.  HAPPY TEARS!  Hahaha, I hate Plyo but was ready to do it anyway.  So now I’m going to have to hang ‘LOST, Plyo DVD.  Please return to owner if found.  #867-5309.’  If you’re not an 80’s kid you won’t get that.  LOL

Bahahahahahahaha!  This is funny (at least to me).  I was hitting up Google images for a Brazil Butt Lift picture to add to this post.  I spotted a before and after butt shot and thought there was NO WAY that girl’s butt looked like that after doing the DVD.  I was right.  She had butt implants.  All she had to do was call me.  I’d have given her some of mine.  Would you do this?  I’m all for breast implants but butt implants?  Mmmmmmmmm, no.  But that’s just me.  So here’s a nekked hiney pic for you to start your day.  WARNING!!!  Put your coffee down before looking at the picture.   I will not be held responsible for you spewing all over your computer.

IMO, there was nothing wrong with that girl’s butt to begin with.  But I bet she’s happy with her new rear.  Wonder what it feels like when she sits down.  Hmmmm…….


One thought on “Day 28…..pretend you’re reading yesterday….again

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