Days 26 and 27……pretend you’re reading this yesterday

Day 26 I woke up uber sore from my 2 and 2 halves workouts the night before.  But, I had my first day of Friday Dance Class so I rolled out of bed, got the kids off to school and sauntered down to the studio.  I walked up to a conversation including “left keys” and “Starbucks.”  Hmmmmm, ok, let’s go!  The full story was Yvette left her keys at home and it would take about 30 minutes for someone to come unlock the studio so we might as well head to Starbucks for a bit.

Since I had Frosted Flakes for breakfast I resisted all the incredibly tempting pastries and just enjoyed some great conversation with my new dance mommy friends.  Surprisingly we did wind up back at the studio and our hour long class began.  We always stretch first which I did good until we had to lay on our backs and send one leg on a whirlwind adventure making big circles.  Right hip did just fine.  Left hip however struggled a bit.  After the second giant POP I decided to make my circles smaller so I didn’t need a walker when we got to the dance part.

Oh, the dance part.  This is what I missed Wednesday night when I took my son to baseball instead of going to class.  A chair dance.  Not a wheelchair (we’re not that old….yet) but a semi-sexy chair dance.  Apparently the blinds were open on Wednesday and a mortified teen daughter quickly closed them after seeing her mom with her chair.  The good thing about Friday mornings?  No kids!  I’m proud of myself for picking up the steps easily and have discovered dancing is like riding a bike….you never forget how.  We had a great time and I love that no one feels self conscious or shy.  We’re all women having fun on hour at a time doing something we love just for us.

Sorry Slacker Fattie, this kind of dance is meant only for Skinny Bitch!

I can’t wait to see what the steps are for next week!

Wouldn’t this make for an interesting recital!!!


One thought on “Days 26 and 27……pretend you’re reading this yesterday

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