Day 9 I walked 500 miles

Ok, so it wasn’t 500 miles but it was five.  If you’ve been following my blog for more than a week you are probably laughing as hard as my friend Jeanette was when she saw me get out of my truck this afternoon and walk towards her.  I hadn’t taken more then 3 steps before she asked if I was ok.  When I told her I decided to start walking every day after dropping the kids off she asked, “And you decided to start off with five miles?”  Ummmmmmm, yes?  I suppose I was a bit over-zealous and probably should have walked just two miles.

I started out all peppy, pony tail swinging, upbeat tunes on my iPod- I was ready to do the whole five miles.  I ran into my neighbor, Anthony, who was mowing a lawn a few streets away.  He stopped me and asked, “What are you doing walking?”  I answered, “I’m getting fit and healthy!”  We chatted for a few minutes then I was off again on my peppy walk.  After slipping and sliding across a wet wooden bridge (about three miles in) my pep was wearing off.  I saw Anthony again driving away from another house a few more streets away.  He gave me a couple of fist pumps so I put my pep back in my step and trudged on.  As I started down the last street before I could head home I was really wanting to call Hubby and have him come get me.  But, I wanted to do this.  I wanted to walk the whole five miles.  About this time I realized my hands were numb and my fingers were swollen which I tweeted on Twitter.  I Googled it when I got home and am going with the ‘it’s normal when being a dork and walking 5 miles on the first day.’ 

With my house in sight I ran into Anthony eating a juicy nectarine in his driveway.  “That was a good walk!”  he said.  “I did the whole five miles,” I replied, “I’m going home to pass out now.”  I came in and told Hubby I was home.  I’d left him a note next to his coffee pot that said, “Walking :)”  He said he was giving me another thirty minutes before he was going to come out looking for me.  I told him he should have followed my Facebook and he would have known where I was!  He told me to get in the shower because I was stinky.

I laid down for an hour……then Slacker Fattie ordered a pepperoni pizza.

Oh, hush!  I was hungry and Skinny Bitch had just walked five miles!  I’ll take a bottle of Motrin and do my BBL after my daughter gets home from dance…..if I can walk.


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