Day 8 (yesterday)

I know, I know, I skipped Day 6 and 7.  A few weeks ago my grandma passed away and last Tuesday I lost a family friend.  Shirley was the dance team sponsor for many years and went through my two older sisters and me thus gaining our mom as a best friend.  She was 79 and finally lost her long battle with lung cancer.

That’s not an excuse to avoid exercising but I’m using it anyway.  I could have squeezed in some workouts while doing the kid’s laundry and cleaning up the house enough for Hubby to walk through it while I was gone but I didn’t.   I only missed two days of exercise because my friend, Kristi, (see her blog Necessary Indulgences) who housed me so I could go to the memorial service had me walk three miles on the beach with her in the morning.  It felt good to have the sand squish through my toes, the waves crash around my ankles, the sun on my skin and have my heart rate up.  At the end of our walk I drew Shirley’s name in the sand with a pretty shell (Kristi’s idea) then gave the shell to Shirley’s daughter Lori at the memorial servie.

I did pretty good with my eating, too.  Kristi made me shrimp and risotto for dinner (mine had leeks and asparagus) and heated up the leftover for lunch the next day after our walk.  Yummy!

So I’m not too far off the exercise track, I just have to start over on my BBL schedule.  No biggie!


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