Day 3

Today was ‘rest’ day for Brazil Butt Lift (thank goodness). I didn’t get to do much resting though with sending four kids off to their first day of school. I dressed nice, put on some comfy heels drove to my friends house and we walked our kids together. When school was out I made the same walk again. I think I walked the equivalent of two miles so that was my workout for the day- great butt and thigh workout!

Food- I did good in the morning. I had brunch with Steffany– yummy healthy chicken quesadillas with a glass of water. I was exhausted and didn’t feel like cooking so I ordered my weakness for the kids. Yes, I caved and ate two pieces of pizza and a glass of Sierra Mist. Hey, I didn’t eat the crust this time! I gave it to my 140 pound German Rottweiler. He loves pizza and I was feeling guilty for eating it so he got a treat.

*posting this on day four and will catch up tonight. Today is a new day!!


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