Day 1

I did rather well today. I wasn’t perfect but I’m proud of myself. School starts in a few days so I’m trying to get four kids ready to go plus reorganize parts of the house but that’s no excuse. I got a late start today and didn’t get my first workout in until 2:30.

I’m trying really hard to follow the Brazil Butt Lift schedule and toss some P90x in as well. I still have the schedule I made up for my last goal so at least that part is finished. I did the Cardio Axe after lunch then High and Tight after dinner. I really wanted to squeeze the Chest and Back in but by the time I got the little kids to bed it was 8:30 and the workout is an hour long. I figured I’d get an earlier start tomorrow and if I get all my workouts in and still have time I’ll toss Chest and Back in at the end.

I did take my before pictures today but after a chat with the little voice that sits on my shoulder decided not to post them. I’m extremely disappointed in myself for letting my body go again and at this point am not comfortable sharing my pictures. I am hoping that I will have made such and improvement in four weeks that I’ll be so proud and want to show how far I’ve come.

We’ll see. I’m going to do my weight and measurements and will post those tomorrow no matter how bad they are. I’m grateful to Erica for challenging me and for all of you who will be following my journey.

Feel free to comment with encouragement, criticism or tips. Let’s get this mom fit!


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