Ok, so I didn’t join a gym

I was supposed to go back to Lifestyles Family Fitness on Thursday to finish signing up for the gym since my bank got my measley paycheck.  Thursday is ballet day so not the best time to add an extra errand to my day.  Throw in Miss Prima Ballerina’s obsession with dance thus practicing at all times which leads to missing ballet shoes 20 minutes before we’re supposed to leave.  We still haven’t found them, fyi.  I grabbed the ballerina, her brother and one of the teens and headed out the door (older teen was MIA as usual).  We raced down to the gym, signed it, sat impatiently for 15 minutes while Dennis signed up some old guy, told the girl at the counter “Sorry, gotta get ballerina to the studio” and high tailed it out of there.  As ballerina is running and pulling me behind her the phrase ‘Everything happens for a reason’ goes through my head.’

I don’t know why I wasn’t supposed to join the gym right then other than I really needed to pay for my jersey for older teens flag squad but I decided now wasn’t the time.  I have an arsenal of workout crap at home that will work just as well…..I just need to use it…..which I did last night!  Joining a gym isn’t going to help my motivation to workout.  Only I can do that.  I proved wasting spending money on gyms doesn’t make me go.  I might change my mind since the teens get the rest of the year free (I just have to pay the $20 $19.99, no one said I HAD to actually go), we’ll see.  If I didn’t have to fork out the extra fees it’d have been a no brainer.

So, I didn’t join a gym, but I did Brazil Butt Lift Cardio Axe AND P90x Chest and shoulders…..and was quickly reminded of first thing this morning when I tried to get out of bed but my arms didn’t work.


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