Beach day sucked

The kids had fun.  Their aunts had fun.  Even Hubby had a good time.  But I was miserable and only had myself to blame.  I’ve made several goals but haven’t stuck to a single one.  I could only find the top to one bathing suit and the bottoms to another.  The only one that had both pieces is the one I’ve never worn because I still haven’t reached my goal weight.  So, I wore a t-shirt and shorts instead which of course limited my fun with the kids.  One of my sisters-in-law could tell how I was feeling and loaned me one of her bathing suits but the only problem was the fact that she weighs a lot more than me (not being mean, just stating a fact).  I used a hair clip to help with the straps in the back and wore a borrowed tank top so I could have a little fun with my kids.   For some reason, however, today was the day all the fit moms were at the beach and it was hard to watch their skinny butts prancing around in cute bikinis.  I could have done that but I’m lazy and have sat on my butt for months so it’s my own damn fault.

My birthday is in 16 days and I really want to fit into something nice.  I’m tired of feeling this way and tired of blogging about how tired I am of not being fit.  I need to either get into a routine and stick with it or give up and stop whining to you all.  I’m sure you’d rather hear about how great I’m doing instead of the same old whining.

16 days.  Hmmmmmmm…….guess we’ll see what happens!


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