Mom’s skinny day


Over a month ago my 17 year old decided to print and cut out pictures of pierced belly buttons.  This was to serve two purposes: 1. Because she wants to get hers pierced and 2. Because I told her I’d get mine done too but had to wait until I was happy with my belly.

Thus Mom’s Skinny Day was born.  Not only did she tape the pictures onto my computer monitor but she also taped them on the wall behind it and even put one on my calendar.  She decided April 22nd was a good goal date.  Yes, I’m aware it’s almost May 22nd and no I’m still not belly piercing ready.

But i have a new goal to go with my birthday and belly piercing goals so we’ll see what happens.  I don’t have a very good track record but who knows?  Maybe I’ll finally make the changes I need to make!


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