I’m here AND I’ve been exercising!!!

From Thursday April 7th

I just keep forgetting to blog about it. I’ve been doing P90x more regularly, mainly the CardioX and KenpoX, but I also did the back and legs workout the other day, well half of it at least- my butt was sore for two days!! I’ve also done the Quick Workout and Full Workout of Core Rhythms DVD’s and playing sweating to Just Dance 2 for the Wii.

I’ve also been eating better, eating less and tracking what I eat on a new app for my Droid.  I just need to be more consistent!  That’s what I’m working on right now especially with my two deadlines quickly approaching.  Time to get down and dirty!

Oh!  Posting on my Facebook wall has helped encourage others to get fit as well.  Yay!  A friend of mine recently asked me if I do P90x and I said yes….well when I remember to do it.  I raved about it while in a Facebook chat room with him and another friend started asking about it.  Hmmmmmm, maybe I should be become a Beachbody Coach after all (not really, I’m a horrible salesperson).  I shared a couple of the P90x videos from youtube and both guys were hooked.  We’ll see if they’re brave enough to actually order it and then DO it.  🙂


2 thoughts on “I’m here AND I’ve been exercising!!!

  1. It is so hard to find the time with one 2 year old, so I can only imagine how you do it with 4 children! Great post! Although i don’t think i’m quite ready for the punishment of P90x!

    • I have to admit that I have yet to do all the DVD’s or follow the program. I’m 38 and not in the best shape but am able to do the Cardiox and KenpoX without much of a problem. The Plyometrics is hard but I can do it all the way through with little modifications. Now the Insanity? Uh uh, no way! lol

      The older the kids get the easier it is. Mine are 17, 14, 7 and 4 so they’re pretty self sufficient and I let them know that mommy needs 30-60 minutes so they can find some way to occupy themselves. 🙂

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