Just Dance 2 for Wii

Word of mouth is a powerful thing.  I was introduced to not only Just Dance at my friend Bethany’s house but also Just Dance 2 which my friend Steffany got through HouseParties.com (I’d like to say that’s me in pink on her blog post but, no, that’s me in the red). I’m not sure which is more fun, watching kids try to do it or adults- especially adults who have been drinking. Quick side note- alcohol consumption is not recommended as my friend in the UK discovered. Her knee dislocated while doing “Rasputin” causing her to fall and break her ankle which had to be pinned. She’s trying to laugh about it but is still hobbling around on crutches so it may be a little while.

Anyway, my kids got Just Dance from my biological dad and Just Dance 2 for Christmas and they are both LOADS of fun. This is how I described the fun I had last night- the most-funnest-superfabulous-crazy-got-me-dripping-in-sweat time. I did it for 2 hours last night and had to make myself stop. It started with me and 3 of my kids- 14, 7 and 4 (the 17 year old is way too cool). I’m such a good mommy, I let them stay up 45 minutes past their bedtime to play! After the little kids went to bed it was just me and Rach who, by the way, can actually beat me sometimes (my son makes me put the controller in my pocket when I play with him- I still get points, ha!). Rach and I played for another 45 minutes and did Lord only knows how many songs. I do need to make sure I clean away all the toys on the floor from now on, though. I kept stepping on them. She finally gave up and went to bed but I was still having fun!

So there I was in my dining room, dripping in sweat, dancing around by myself like a fool to Iko Iko, some Reggae song and a really fun 1920’s number.  I looked at the clock and saw it was 10:00 PM and figured it was time to quit for the night.  I proudly logged those 2 hours of cardio in on the MyFitnessPal app on my Droid, burned 680 calories!!!

Check in tomorrow (hopefully) to hear how things go with The Michael Jackson Experience!


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