I want my pink hearts dangit!

I have gotten a little obsessive about my pink hearts the last week, although I’ve missed the past couple of days.  😦 What pink hearts?  The ones I get to stamp on my Wii Fit calendar for being a good real fit mom.  I’m trying to develop, and stick to, a schedule and hopping on the Wii is first on my list for the day. The Wii Fit Plus tells me how much I weigh, how much I’ve lost (or gained), it measures my BMI then puts me through a couple of tests to figure out how old I am (on good days I’m in my 20’s!).  After the tests I get to mark my progress with a stamp- star,

One day last week I didn’t get on in the morning but didn’t want to miss getting my pink heart so there I was, 11:30 at night, on the Wii getting things done. I was a little tipsy from my cocktail I indulged in while soaking in the tub but, believe it or not, got a higher balancing score than two days before! The last few days I fell off the pink heart wagon but I’ve got Twitter and WordPress tabs open again and, thank to my kids, am exercising daily.


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