Not meeting a goal is ok

Tomorrow morning I’m going to wake up, get on my Wii Fit and not meet my goal of losing 4 pounds in 2 weeks again…for the 40th time.  And that’s ok.

I got the fire under my butt too late to meet the goal but will set it again.  I’m determined to meet it by the time the next 2 weeks are up.  I’m drinking my Sexy Smoothies again, using Wii Fit Plus every morning and am working on exercising daily- up to 3 times a week so far.

I’m not letting myself get depressed or upset by seeing the Wii’s disappointment in the morning.  I’m not going to allow those “Maybe you should try a smaller goal next time” words turn me towards eating more and exercising less.  Normally I’d have eaten whatever I wanted and said to myself, “I’ll start over again tomorrow.”  I’m tired of starting over.  I’ll have set backs but that doesn’t mean I have to go directly to jail and not collect my $200.  I may slide all the way down the big slide but I’ll hit the ground and hop right back on the ladder (can you tell I’ve been playing board games with the kids recently? haha).

I spent today regrouping.  I still had my Sexy Smoothie, ate a small helping of leftover lasagna instead of a big one and only had one taco for dinner instead of 3 but did not exercise.  I’ll have extra fat to work off this week but I stopped myself from emotional eating.  That in itself, is enough to make me do my own happy dance.


2 thoughts on “Not meeting a goal is ok

  1. I agree that we should never let missed goals get us down. Yeah, easier said than done. 😀

    The important part is that we TRY. Yoda was wrong. 😀

    Awwww, you linked my happy dance but for some reason it does not work.

    Hey, have a great week.

    The Grumpy Man

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