New goals

I’m up, drinking my Sexy Smoothie, already did my daily Wii Fit test and I’m ready to set some new goals.  Wii Fit is set to lose four pounds in two weeks and I WILL do it this time.  I’m not looking at fourteen days from now like I normally do.  I’m looking at today.  Right now.  When I finish this blog post I’ll spend thirty minutes getting caught up with emails, tweets and work then finish my Wii yoga (tummy was rumbling for a smoothie so I had to take a break).  I’m not going to share the rest of my daily goals with you because whenever I say I’m going to do something I rarely ever get it done- probably the ADD in me.

My goal is to come back later and write a post about all that I got done today.  What got the fire lit under my butt today?  Not only am I really wanting to go to Universe Weekend in June (Miami for my birthday- what’s better than that?) but I want to feel good about myself again.  Watching Barbie Decker’s transformation a few minutes ago showed me that I can reach my goals and become a real fit mom (and a hot mom, too!).

I’m trying hard to look forward and think positive but I know me.  I get these fires lit but quickly allow  Slacker Fattie to extinguish them.  We’ll see if Skinny B!tch can prevail- I have faith in her.


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