Fab Wii Fit Day


Today was a fabulous Wii Fit day.  I was nervous because I pretty much took the last day and a half off from exercising and eating right.  But look!  I lost 2.4 lbs!

Thursday I was “crampy” so I only did the 12 minute Brazil Butt Lift Upper Cuts workout but ate pretty good.  Yesterday was my weekly mall playdate and my one day to splurge on lunch.  I had a slice of greasy pepperoni pizza, breadstick dipped in marinara, some of 4 year old’s french fries dipped in Chick-fil-a sauce and a Dr. Pepper.  The only exercise I got was walking around a bit afterward. 

Once again, what’s been lacking from my daily routine has been strength training.  I thought I had to build back up to that but obviously I need a refresher course from Douglas.  Watch out Slacker Fattie!  Skinny B!tch is on a roll…..and not a fat roll either.


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