You’re old and fat

Gotta love the honesty of a game system.  First Hubby tells me I’m old and fat then the Wii Fit verifies it.  I weighed 133 lbs had a BMI of 22.70 and was 37 years old.  Instead of getting depressed and shoving my face with food I had a protein shake for breakfast, leftover chicken quesadillas for lunch (only 2), snacked on a few Pringles (shhhh) and had Balsamic Chicken for dinner seasoned with Mrs. Dash :).  I also did three, yes THREE, cardio workouts!  Ok, so I cheated a bit and did Core Rhythms twice but I did P90x CadioX in the middle.  I have a new goal and am trying once again to get fit.  I’m establishing a routine which not only helps with exercising but is better for my ADD as well.  It’s only been two days but things are going good so far!


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