You’re not fat…..but you’re borderline

Finally honest words come out of Hubby’s mouth!  And, no, I didn’t smack him or yell at him. 

*Disclaimer- everyone’s body is different.  This is one of the most important things to remember in getting fit and healthy.  Look at your body, get to know your body and accept it’s limitations

This was the push I needed.  Hubby finally was honest with me about the direction my weight was going.  Am I fat?  No.  But I’ve got extra fat where I don’t want it which is causing problems in my life and with my wardrobe.  My clothes that do fit are tight and uncomfortable.  The ones that don’t are left hanging in my closet pissing me off when I’m getting dressed.

I don’t have to feel this way.  I’ve chosen to by living an unhappy lifestyle and am passing it onto my kids.  Because I grew up on soda and a lot of junk food it’s hard to make the change.  My mom usually cooked pretty healthy meals but not many people were concerned about it back then.  We ran off what we ate playing outside or swimming in the pool.  Now, I spend time on the computer while my kids watch TV- bikes and swingset go unused.

It’s not too late to make changes.  It’s never too late- you can rest when you’re dead!


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