Today is a new day…..make it count

I decided last night that I would make some changes today.  So far I’m off to a good start.  I tidied up the laundry room, ran the dishwasher, did a tiny bit of work (I’ll do more later), passed up Frosted Rice Krispies and pancakes, drank a protein shake, got some laundry done, getting a short blog post done and getting ready for my Wii Fit to yell at me for gaining more weight.  That’s pretty good for my ADD brain especially being off my Addy.

I promised Hubby last night I would start exercising again….he was telling me fat jokes as a joke but lately he stopped chuckling after.  He just can’t bring himself to tell me what he really thinks even though I’ve told him to.  For some women, they’d kill their husbands if they dared even insinuate they’d gained.  Me?  I’ve gotten mad at him more than once for NOT saying anything.  Call me crazy!

Ok, off to play Wii!


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