Sharing my Burger Monger Review with WordPress

Back in May Tampa got a new burger joint.  Originally I thought parking right next to McDonald’s was a very poor location choice but my opinion changed with my first Burger Monger bite.  Here’s my review from our first visit on May 21st 2010:

This afternoon my husband, 3 year old and I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak of Carrollwood’s newest burger joint The Burger Monger.

We were greeted at the counter by an energetic, smiling cashier who waited patiently while we figured out what to order.  The decor was simple, not flashy like many burger places.  The employees wore black shirts with a picture of a cute burger guy on the back.  I overheard another customer suggest they sell the shirts- apparently this is already in the works.  I know I would buy one.

Maggie got the Kid’s 3 oz Akaushi Kobe Beef Burger with a Coke. I got the Burger Monger 6 oz 100% Akaushi Kobe Beef Burger with cheddar cheese and bacon. My husband got the Burger Monger 6 oz 100% Akaushi Kobe Beef Burger with swiss cheese, bacon, Dijon mustard, ketchup and we both ordered Cokes.  We decided we had to try the 8 oz portion of hand-cut Russet Cowboy Potatoes with cheese sauce and a Rich, Thick, & Creamy Hand Dipped Haagen Dazs chocolate milk shake.

Today was the first day so there are some kinks to work through as is with any new business.  They were having trouble with the credit card machine, charged the card twice but quickly remedied the problem.  We placed our number card in the holder of a booth and sat down patiently to wait for our food.  I have to admit it was a little entertaining watching the cooks attempt to get in the swing of things and get orders out.  It took about fifteen minutes for our food but once they get into a rhythm I’m sure orders will get out much quicker.

The menu states that the Burger Monger we ordered is “Burger Perfection that will make you a fan in one bite.”  It was spot on.  I’ve heard wonderful things about Kobe beef and have been anxious to try it.  I’ve eaten many hamburgers from several different restaurants and in my opinion the Burger Monger is the best by far.  I’m not a “foodie” so I don’t know how to properly explain flavors but this was just plain delicious.  It tasted every bit as good as I’d hoped with such a distinct flavor unlike any other burger I’ve ever had.  After my first bite I looked at my husband and said, “I honestly don’t think I can ever eat another McDonald’s hamburger again.”  On my Facebook, a friend asked, “So how was it?”  My response was, “OMG, delicious” followed by “we’re stuffed!”  The freshly toasted bun went excellently with the high grade beef, real bacon and fresh cheddar cheese.  Perfection.

The handcut fries were also very good.  The table behind us complained that they were a bit dark but a cook came out to explain the sugars in this variety of potato made the fries darker.  They are fried for three minutes at 375 degrees and paired with the cheese sauce (be careful, it has a slight kick!) were amazing.  I managed to steal one sip of my husband’s chocolate milk shake and was impressed.  It tasted just like the ones his dad makes for our kids- scrumptous.

I have nothing negative at all to say about our first experience at The Burger Monger.  I’m sure in a week they’ll have everything down pat and will be filling the bellies of people from across the Tampa Bay area.  One more thing, if you’re expecting to feed the whole family for a small price think again.  For the three of us our bill was $28.  If you appreciate the delectable flavor of high quality Kobe beef the price won’t matter, you’ll discover it’s worth it.  We will definitely be back to try the hot dogs and chicken soon.

Since then we’ve been back many times.  The fries are better, the service still great and the hamburgers are out of this world.  Hubby always gets a hand-dipped milk shake and of course I steal a couple of sips.  If you live in the Tampa area or are cruising through, I highly suggest swinging by Burger Monger and picking up a yummy Kobe beef, yummy burger!


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