Get Fit kick off party!!!



Nuther post that got lost in Draft limbo 1/13/11-

Ok, so it’s just me-Slacker Fattie- and my bagel (unless my nosey cat counts too) but we’re having a blast!  And thank you, McDonald’s for screwing up and giving me a Diet Coke (blech).

I’m sure a Get Fit kick off party is supposed to have healthy food but, well, I’ve always been known for doing things a lil differently and Slacker Fattie was craving carbs………and grease.

So here I am with my sausage egg and cheese bagel (no “breakfast sauce” please), my Diet Coke (blech) and my over weight cat, Snowdrop, enjoying what I hope to be my last unhealthy meal for a while.  My goal to get fit by Christmas was a bust due to my unfortunate tub accident so I’m shooting for Valentine’s Day.  So much for the sexy Santa outfit….guess I’ll try for hearts instead.

Ugh, I’m stuffed now and didn’t even eat it all.  Time to crawl back into my warm bed, let my food settle (and soak up the vodka in my tummy from last night’s cocktail) so I can wake back up as Skinny B!tch and get this show on the road.  Hopefully I’ll get out another blog post about all the exercising I did today………hopefully.


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