(From October, didn’t realize posts from my phone weren’t showing up here)

I definitely need to detox.  I need to pull “dreaded meal plan” out of the depths of despair where I placed it over a year ago. I’m still amazed how much better I felt getting all that gunk out of my system.

I’m tired of feeling sluggish.  My brain wants to exercise but my body says blech.  I’ll never forget the time I’d stuck relatively close to the meal plan for a couple of weeks then ate a hamburger from Five Guys.  It tasted so good!  But five minutes later boy did I feel like crap.  My body had gotten used to good foods and was happy to be rid of bad foods-especially fast foods.

But, in true Slacker Fatty fashion, I fell back into my old habits.  Skinny B!tch is fighting back.  I can feel her clawing through the fat, cholesterol and whatever other gunk Slacker Fatty shoves down her throat.  Skinny B!tch will prevail and get the toxins out again.


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