I’m a mess

My house is a mess.  My life is a mess.  My body is a mess.  My truck is a mess.  My brain is a mess.

I don’t know how to clean it up!  I did great this morning.  I woke up, cleaned the kitchen, put in a load of laundry and cleaned the whole dining room.

My 6 year old son was home sick so within two hours he and my four year old had destroyed it again.  Cleaning the house is like making your bed.  Why bother?

When I get home from ballet lessons I’m going to make an effort to pick the dining room back up.  We’ll see how that goes.


4 thoughts on “I’m a mess

  1. Hi-ya! I found your blog through moms like me. I enjoy reading about your fitness journey. Something I’m working on, too.

    If you are interested I am a photographer and I’m hosting mini-sessions at Sand Key Park this weekend. It’s only $50 for a half hour session. It’s perfect for the upcoming Christmas cards and they make great gifts for relatives.

    Nice connecting with you! Have a great day.

  2. You need to do something. Here is some kinda tough love… YOU HAVE FRIENDS WHO CARE ABOUT YOU AND ARE WILLING TO DO ANYTHING THEY CAN TO HELP YOU. USE THEM!!!

    I love you dearly but you won’t let anyone help you and you have been ghost lately. We know you are there, we don’t see you but every so often we get a sign you are still with us.

    I know firsthand how hard it is to pick yourself up when you are down but you have to do it! You can do it for your kids, friends, dogs or whatever but if nothing else do it for yourself. And most of all use the people that care about you (me amd many others) if you have to.

    • Thank you. I’m just catching up on blogging and my comments. I love you and am soooo happy to have such loving and caring people in my life. Funk is gone and Skinny Bitch is making her way back!!

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