Can’t get up!!

Why can’t I make myself get up and exercise?  I’m losing precious time fot the Brazil Butt Lift contest.  All day I tell myself to get up but most of the time I never do.

I can’t blame it all on having ADD either.  The Adderall definitely helps to keep me more focused and gives me the drive to get up but my body has to make the effort.

I STILL need to post my yucky before pictures and measurements which I’m depressed about.  That alone should make me get up.  I also have pictures of my Wii Fit Plus stats that I was going to post daily.  I start off good but then something happens and I start to slack off again.

I wish I knew how those who exercise on a daily basis got into the habit and stayed in the habit.  At least I’m blogging more often!  I need to be more uplifting to help you all about getting off your butts and fit.  But at least you’re seeing a real person with real struggles.  Ugh……..


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