Divide and Conquer- Yup, mom has ADD

I had a revelation Friday while driving home from a playdate.  I’m tired of my house being a wreck and I hate having ADD.  I decided to go home and start conquering the mess.  But……I had to be at my son’s school for the walk-a thon, then had to drop something off at my oldest kid’s school which turned into me meeting with the assistant principal because she got her phone taken away AGAIN, and while I was on my way TO her school the middle schooler texted me that she didn’t feel good so I had to go pick her up as well.  By the time I was finally on my way home I had a car full of kids and was exhausted.

I warned them all it was spaghetti night and I set off to tackle the kitchen.  Then the dining room while getting laundry done.  Saturday I had to go back over kitchen (several times), did the little kid’s room and started on the playroom.  This morning I had to go back over the kitchen again, change my son’s sheets because he still wets the bed then vacuum because he spilled his cheese puffs, collect his and my youngest’s cups, load them in the dishwasher, fill the washing machine (again) then steam clean the little kid’s carpet from where they’ve spilled drinks and go back to the dining room to pick up the 2 buckets of Tinkerbell stuff the youngest one dumped out again after I’d just picked them up last night.

After 2 hours I realized that in order to keep a house clean for a family of 6 people, 3 cats, 2 dogs and 1 hamster I would have to constantly be going and never sit down, eat or sleep.  The kitchen is like a rotating whatever- people are in and out 24 hours leaving a mess.  I emptied the dishwasher then put a sticky on the front that says, “Dirty. Put your own stuff in!!!”  Not holding my breath but we’ll see.

I’m going to have to put my foot down about the girls doing their own laundry.  I have a huge pile of ironing which I never do so they can never find their clothes.  If they want it ironed they’ll have to learn just like I did, otherwise they can wear wrinkled clothes.  The little kids are going to start having their toys taken away if they don’t pick them up- they flat out REFUSE and no amount of yelling, screaming, pleading, bribing, asking nicely etc works.

I chose to keep one of the cats (mommy had 6- my cat lover and DH wanted to keep them all!) but since cat lover wanted the mommy they are supposed to be her responsibility.  I keep telling her they’re going outside but she’s learned it’s an empty threat (bad me!).  So along with everything else I get to clean the litter box and their bathroom.  One dog is mine and I don’t mind cleaning up after him.  Hubby works hard so I don’t mind cleaning up after him since I get to stay home.  I’ve been doing research on Adult ADD the past couple days to search for hints and tips for organization and time management.  Since the older kids have come to take advantage of my ADD at times and don’t understand it they now get to do both do a report on it.  Maybe they’ll come to appreciate how difficult things are for me and stop treating me like I’m ditzy…….maybe.

Whew!  Now that I’ve vented I’m going back to the playroom which is pretty much hopeless but I’ll give it a shot anyway.  Oh….did you see any mention of exercising in there?  No?  My next step is to try to cram it in there somewhere.  Wish me luck!


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