Brazil Butt Lift Contest- Day 1

I’m going to enter the Brazil Butt Lift contest where 12 winners will get a trip to Brazil.  Hubby bought me the DVD set several months ago and I’ve done them off and on.  I’m hoping the goal of winning this contest will help motivate me.

I have to upload before and after pictures plus my before and after weight and measurements.  Then I have to answer several questions including why they should pick me (ACK!).  This is coming at a great time since I just decided to conquer my ADD and exercise is supposed to be great for ADDers.  However, part of the reason I have such a hard time exercising is because I have ADD.  But, today is a new day and I want to go to Brazil!

Two years ago I stumbled upon Jennifer Nicole Lee who became an inspiration after seeing her before and after pictures as well as knowing she achieved her goal.  ” Jennifer’s rise to fitness fame and notoriety began when she lost 70 pounds (31kgs) after giving birth to her second child. She wanted to improve her physical and mental health by losing weight and become more active with her children, so she began following a performance based nutritional plan and trained as an athlete. Jennifer’s ultimate goal was to enter a bikini contest, and less than a year later she was crowned Miss Bikini America 2005. This win and her massive weight-loss launched a career as a fitness guru, model and celebrity trainer.”

Almost two years ago I entered two weight loss contests.  The first one lasted three months and the one who lost the most weight won a trip to NYC as well as a year long membership to Anytime Fitness.  The second was six months long and whoever lost the highest percentage of body fat won a shopping trip, makeover and photo session.  Had I worked harder I could have won the first even though I was at a disadvantage- all the other contestants were over 200 lbs, I was 140 lbs.  I lost by 6 lbs.   I won the second contest but within months I had gained all the weight back.  I’ve since realized exercise has to be a part of my daily life.  Actually making it a part of my daily life is what I struggle with every day.

Here is how day one went- I had an omelet and a bottle of water for breakfast then resumed my major cleaning I’d started Friday.   Omelets fill me up and I forgot about eating lunch which I know is a big no-no.  By 3:00 I’d written a couple of blog posts, updated my Twitter and Facebook pages, cleaned and decided to get up and do the Cardio Axe DVD from Brazil Butt Lift.  It was definitely harder than when I’d been doing the workouts regularly but not only did I finish it, I used the bonus DVD set and did the Upper Cuts as well.  Yay!  I’m hoping to come back and edit this in a little bit to say I did the High and Tight DVD, too.  I’ll let my stuffed shells settle first.


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