You’re looking a little pudgy there, honey

That’s what Hubby has been saying to me lately.  At first I thought he was being silly.  Then I noticed my jeans weren’t fitting as well. Most women would be livid and mortified that their spouse would dare utter those words.  Me?  I’m grateful.

It’s been almost two years since the second time I realized I needed to get fit.  I discovered this one day while getting dressed.  I looked in the mirror and my thighs were touching which for me is unusual.  As I looked for something to wear it occurred to me that everything was fitting very snug.

I mentioned this to Hubby and he said he’d noticed I’d gained weight.  I waged an all out World War III against him!  “Were you going to tell me or were you just going to let me keep going?” I yelled.  This is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t moments.  For me, I’d rather he be honest and tell me.

Why do we give our men, or friends for that matter, a hard time for being honest?  If you see a muffin top start to pop up, tell me?  Are my arms jigglier than usual?  Say something!  I am striving to get fit but as an admitted slacker may not notice when I’m REALLY slacking.  Speak up people!  I wanna know!


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