If I want your advice I’ll ask for it

“I try to always be upbeat, inspiring and share great workout and fitness related things in my Tweets.”

This is a message I received in my Twitter inbox.  I’m not sure why the follower felt she needed to let me know that.  I probably Tweeted about sucking at exercising.  Or about a giant hamburger I’d inhaled followed by a big ole chocolate milkshake.  I’m going to assume that the “1” in RealFitMom threw her off and she didn’t  understand I was no Denise Austin or Jennifer Nicole Lee.

My point is, RealFitMom1 was new to Twitter and not looking for advice.  I thought it rather odd she felt compelled to send me that message.  I will admit that for the next several tweets I did try to be more “upbeat, inspiring” but you know what?  That’s not what people really want to hear (or do you?).  I was under the impression that you all enjoyed seeing how hard it is to get fit.  That you could sympathize with me when I left you for weeks on end with no new words because I was too busy being lazy.  That you somehow connected with me by me sharing how sometimes I just don’t wanna exercise and would rather eat McDonald’s.

If you would rather hear upbeat, inspiring words and read about great workouts and fitness related things then it won’t hurt my feelings if you quit reading my blog/tweets.  I won’t be upset if you don’t want to read my complaints, whining, b!tching about how I hate exercising and love pizza.  Go ahead.  Find a bubbly, always happy blogger/tweeter who will grate on your nerves about how perfect she is and how she exercises every day. <shivers>

But, if you’d rather hear about my Real Fit Life read on.  And we’ll take this ride together.  Any advice you have to offer please share, I do listen, I promise.


One thought on “If I want your advice I’ll ask for it

  1. I say keep it real. I want to hear the good, bad and ugly. My ife isn’t always sunshine and flowers. When it is I share it on my blog, facebook and twitter. When it’s not I share it everywhere too. Keep it real. People appreciate honesty and anyone who’s blog is all about their perfect life is either heavily medicated or lying (either to themselves or everyone else).

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